On Monday's PvE night Exterminatus cleared normal mode Halls of Fabrication! Many in the group completed it for the first time! Nice work everyone! Now onwards to Vet!

The last Boss looked quite intimidating!

After three tries it fell quickly before our might! (yes, on normal. but 3/4 of the group were PvPers wink

Overwatch turns 1 year old this week. Time to celebrate!

Not only will there be an event for the next few weeks - no, we also get another free to play weekend!

To get the most out of it, we'll organize play nights on from Friday, the 26th to Sunday, the 28th.
We'll play quick play, arcade, and maybe even against each other in custom games. For the extra thrill of killing your friends.

Everyone is welcome!
Time to give Overwatch a shot; since, you know, the world could always use more heroes.


To celebrate 3 years of fun and games in The Elder Scrolls Online Zapa made a video with many happy memories

It is great to see PvP groups kicking ass and PvE groups taking vet trial bosses down....still going strong after 3 years :D

Sha had the genius idea and ran and organised a birthday rally for the week. Many tasks, some tough ones, some funny ones and some just silly! Points for each and prizes for the winners. You can take a look at the posts for more details. 100s of pictures were shared in Discord and I think it is fair to say - much fun was had and we all discovered hidden talents in our guildmates.

Such a nice bunch of people, a great guild who has a lot of fun!

We will continue to: still a vet trial to conquer, always blues and yellows to mess with, houses to improve and of course achievements to hunt. Plus .....Morrowind is coming....

It's definitely not been easy, but we're ready to open the doors to EXT's new, online hangout!

First of all I'd like to throw out a big thank-you to everyone who's been involved in the website transfer and all the work it entailed. Although a lot of us have already put in plenty of hours there's still much to be done. 

So, even though we're open and you can start hitting that post button keep in mind that things will still be a'changing.

Newsletter #30: Ho ho ho!
With 2016 coming to an end with all the jingles, jangles and fire cracking shenanigans there's a few wishes, words and tidbits we'd like to share with you before EXT heads into 2017 to celebrate its 10 year anniversary!