The idea is to get our guild to do the hardest content in the game. We have struggled in the past to get a stable group going so we are trying a new approach: Slow-progress-raiding!

Many of our current and future members have a hard time to find enough energy and free time to get invested in vet trials. Our idea is to take off the pressure and slow down the raid group's effort a bit, while at the same time try to keep up a steady progress.

We have set goals for the group, help with builds and maintain a calm and fun environment. There is a new dedicated section of the website for the group with helpful links and guides and we will discuss our progress there.

We aim to begin at the start of October following a period of recruiting and will take on the veteran versions of the Craglorn Trials over the following months. Fun times ahead!!

The open Beta has ended and we heared some positive feedback and also some negatives from people that played it. But the positives out weight the negative and therefor we decided to make Destiny 2 a game that will be played within the community.

This part of the community will be led by Genophix and as officers we have Jlena, which will be busy handling social stuff and raids in due time and we are still searching for a recruitement officer. If you feel obliged to help just give Genophix or Jlena a whisper on Discord.

If you want more information about Destiny 2 and what our plans are with the game please follow us on the forum and also read this post:

If you are interested in playing this game together with us we made a clan page on the bungie site. If you are interested in playing with us please sign up at this site:

We also started recruitement and we ask of you to help us out by upvoting and the occasional bump of this thread:

So let the wait comments and we will hopefully see you on the 24th of October to play Destiny 2 with us


Destiny 2 officer team

This year the summer seemed to catch us a little bit more unaware than usually. We all know that fun summer activities (like… sun and beer…? the beach…? What do people with actual vacation do…?) can take some attention away from gaming. Luckily, you can rest assured. Despite the seemingly quiet times, EXT has not gone anywhere. The officer team is still working hard at keeping the community active and constantly searching for new stuff for us to dive into.

Out of the current projects, there’s one thing we can tell you right off the bat; Star Citizen isn't released yet (surprise!), but there are some news.
ESO is still big and gaining mass, and people are playing in the middle of the summer thanks to carefully timed events. Talking about playing even during the summer, Overwatch is also still at it, and has definitely made the summer more interesting.
Destiny 2 lurks on the horizon, and many players are looking forward to it. Destiny 2 being a new game with great potential, we are very busy laying the necessary foundation to go all-out upon release. Read on to find out all about it.

On Monday's PvE night Exterminatus cleared normal mode Halls of Fabrication! Many in the group completed it for the first time! Nice work everyone! Now onwards to Vet!

The last Boss looked quite intimidating!

After three tries it fell quickly before our might! (yes, on normal. but 3/4 of the group were PvPers wink

Overwatch turns 1 year old this week. Time to celebrate!

Not only will there be an event for the next few weeks - no, we also get another free to play weekend!

To get the most out of it, we'll organize play nights on from Friday, the 26th to Sunday, the 28th.
We'll play quick play, arcade, and maybe even against each other in custom games. For the extra thrill of killing your friends.

Everyone is welcome!
Time to give Overwatch a shot; since, you know, the world could always use more heroes.