Hey EXT,

this weekend you can play Overwatch for free - no strings attached! So if you enjoy shooters, why not give it a try?
Blizzard has a guide on with all the details for you.

Join us Saturday and Sunday night, any time after 19:00 CET. We'll have some fun.

This weekend, Blizzard holds their annual extravaganza. New releases, new content, in-depth looks at their games and company, as well as some of the biggest esports tournaments of the year.

The complete schedule.

The opening ceremony starts Friday at 19:00 CET - this is where they will announce most of the new stuff. It is available for free.

Blizzard has a nice blog post summarizing their esports coverage, including links to all the free streams on twitch (esports is also available for free at

On our discord you will find a new chat channel #blizzcon-2017 to discuss the event, and a voice channel (Blizzcon-Viewing) if you want to watch it live with others.

Destiny 2 finally arrives on PC and a good number of us are diving in. The launch time is 19.00 CEST and according to Geno, the launch will be as smooth as butter (yeah you can blame Geno for jinxing it).

We have a clan, and a pretty good number of people have signed up this far.

So if you are interested, go read up on Geno's launch post, and follow it's instructions on how to join the clan. Make sure to follow our Destiny 2 Discord channels. The officers will be available in voice channels from 18:30 CEST today!

The idea is to get our guild to do the hardest content in the game. We have struggled in the past to get a stable group going so we are trying a new approach: Slow-progress-raiding!

Many of our current and future members have a hard time to find enough energy and free time to get invested in vet trials. Our idea is to take off the pressure and slow down the raid group's effort a bit, while at the same time try to keep up a steady progress.

We have set goals for the group, help with builds and maintain a calm and fun environment. There is a new dedicated section of the website for the group with helpful links and guides and we will discuss our progress there.

We aim to begin at the start of October following a period of recruiting and will take on the veteran versions of the Craglorn Trials over the following months. Fun times ahead!!

The open Beta has ended and we heared some positive feedback and also some negatives from people that played it. But the positives out weight the negative and therefor we decided to make Destiny 2 a game that will be played within the community.

This part of the community will be led by Genophix and as officers we have Jlena, which will be busy handling social stuff and raids in due time and we are still searching for a recruitement officer. If you feel obliged to help just give Genophix or Jlena a whisper on Discord.

If you want more information about Destiny 2 and what our plans are with the game please follow us on the forum and also read this post:

If you are interested in playing this game together with us we made a clan page on the bungie site. If you are interested in playing with us please sign up at this site:

We also started recruitement and we ask of you to help us out by upvoting and the occasional bump of this thread:

So let the wait comments and we will hopefully see you on the 24th of October to play Destiny 2 with us


Destiny 2 officer team