The open Beta has ended and we heared some positive feedback and also some negatives from people that played it. But the positives out weight the negative and therefor we decided to make Destiny 2 a game that will be played within the community.

This part of the community will be led by Genophix and as officers we have Jlena, which will be busy handling social stuff and raids in due time and we are still searching for a recruitement officer. If you feel obliged to help just give Genophix or Jlena a whisper on Discord.

If you want more information about Destiny 2 and what our plans are with the game please follow us on the forum and also read this post:

If you are interested in playing this game together with us we made a clan page on the bungie site. If you are interested in playing with us please sign up at this site:

We also started recruitement and we ask of you to help us out by upvoting and the occasional bump of this thread:

So let the wait comments and we will hopefully see you on the 24th of October to play Destiny 2 with us


Destiny 2 officer team