Another year has passed, and Exterminatus is still going strong. While the next big MMO probably will not be launching next year, we have our eyes on several good projects. While waiting, we still have plenty of other stuff to do - like late night unplanned Cards Against Humanity sessions, which are guaranteed to get a bit out of hand. Here's a little update on what other awesomeness we have going on!

Also known as TL:DR - but if you stop here, you will be flogged.

Right now, we have three excellent games that are being played by parts of the community, with a fourth still upcoming. Last newsletter, we had a forward look to the almost-released Destiny 2, which has since been launched and has Genophix cozily settled in as clan leader. ESO is still a major game, releasing new content like Stephen King releases books. Furthermore, we expanded our coordinated approach from PVP into PVE, with much success! MMOs are all well and good, but let's not forget our favourite team shooter Overwatch! A lot has been going on in there with regular content updates, guildies grouping up to play and even bigger news for the next year. Blizzard does know how to keep things interesting. Lastly, we'll have a look at Star Citizen, which still hasn't been released, but is stepping up and slowly becoming the game we all knew it could be.

Destiny 2
Update from the always positive leader, "Wildstar will rise again" - Genophix:

So we have been live with Destiny 2 now for seven weeks on PC (obviously the peasants don’t count) and I wanted to give you fine folks an end of year summary. After playing the original Destiny I was a little sceptical about what Bungie would do with the next game. If we are being fair they did end the first game on a high with some excellent DLC and raid content.

In the last few years, we have seen the turn-over for MMO style games almost triple: players dive into the new game but are often logging off for the last time after weeks rather than years. I am very happy to see we still have a solid group of players enjoying Destiny 2 months after launch despite some major blunders by Bungie. One of the biggest problems I see for our charismatic space shooter is that it’s lacking end game content. Most of the regular players have now completed the basic raid a few times and it’s clear we will need more content to consume very soon. There is no dressing it up, Curse of Osiris landed with a pathetic thud and it is possibly the worst ‘expansion’ the Destiny series has ever seen. With a rumoured leak stating the next expansion is set for spring we now have a long wait for anything substantial to dig our teeth into. In these winter months, we could see the Destiny 2 live team throw some nice nuggets our way, time will, of course, tell all.

So moving forward these are our plans. Our current raid schedule has been very successful and thanks to some awesome raid leadership by Ashwind we have managed to guide most our active clan members through Leviathan. I also want to thank our more skilled members for giving up their time to re-run content they have already beaten for that week. You guys are the glue that holds our community together, it has been recognised and appreciated. I also want to thank Jlena for doing the job of two officers when we first started up and keeping the ship steady when I was busy with RL stuff.

The most important thing I wanted to say is this. No matter what game you play or how much you play it, being a member of Exterminatus means you are part of a community and not just a clan roster. Like any community, it takes hard work to keep it ticking over and for everyone to pull their weight. We have a truly awesome officer team here and they work so hard behind the scenes. As members, we ask very little, other than you make an effort socially and try and stay reasonably active on the forums. When people say hello in Discord don’t leave them hanging, when people need 20 minutes of help please do so if you can. As always the most important thing you can do to help our happy band stay healthy is logging into Discord when playing Destiny 2.

Most Exterminatus members don’t do much gaming over the Christmas break due to family commitments but if the demand is there then we shall try and run some group activities. At some point, we will also have a few drinks which I hope will be followed by drunken exploits.

So from myself and the Destiny 2 officer team, thank you for a cracking year and we wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Elder Scrolls Online
Update from the wise leader of the active forum users - Uface:

Well, another year passes and we are still in Tamriel! We have had two new super nice DLC dungeons, a fun new 'mini-trial' together with a new zone including some nice questing, The Clockwork City. We have had player housing, which was fun and has some super aspects but lacks others. Last but not least we have Morrowind (which is arguably the best produced content for ESO to date) together with a new class, The Warden. In summary there has been a good flow of new content to keep people interested - it has also been of high quality. But. PvP wise 4v4v4 Battlegrounds were added - which were fun and then altered and are now not so much fun for most. Morrowind changed PvE dps significantly and I personally think the higher end player base decreased as a result.

That's the game. What about Exterminatus in ESO?

So far this year (since September - school teachers work on school years!) our PvP group has continued to be successful - fighting toe to toe with the best the blues and yellows can put together. The organisation has refined and we now have a really strong and skilled group who most importantly know how to have fun and beat the best. It is noteworthy that a number of players in the guild who have not PvPed before have been amazed at how much fun it is and have been converted to Cyrodiil ECG style!

In battling Zenimax created instances we have started a new group called the Exterminatus Raid Group(ERG). We had to recruit some new players and began a 'slow-progress' group for the 12 person Trials in ESO. We successfully completed the veteran versions of the the 3 Craglorn trials before Christmas (which was the aim) and as a bonus also completed the veteran version of the new trial plus a close run on one of the hard modes. It has been really nice getting some success and most importantly having fun and meeting some new people! This though: We have done 4x veteran versions. That leaves 2x veteran trials never completed by an EXT group plus the hard modes (which are a considerable increase in end difficulty - with new mechanics and strategies). Plenty of action for the new year!

What's next? We are told 2x new dungeons are coming soon in the new year plus the biggest lack in housing is to be addressed - storage! There are hints at a Morrowind sized expansion plus new mini trials. Looks encouraging for another year's fun in ESO!

Update from the enthusiastic leader "Just text alone makes for a boring newsletter" - SteppinRazor:

Another year comes to its end, and we are still playing Overwatch.

Blizzard is really keeping the game fresh, adding a new content every few weeks. Just in the past few months, we got:

Right now we are enjoying the Winter Wonderland event, with some of the best cosmetics we ever had. Orisa even got a puppy! There also is a new arcade mode - Yeti Hunter - where 5 Meis must hunt and kill a Yeti Winston. The event ends soon though, so you have to be quick if you still want to catch it.

The biggest story is of course the upcoming Overwatch League.
Blizzard is really heeding the mantra "Go big or go home" here. The league is modeled after big US sports franchises, starting out with 12 teams and will have matches every week for the entire six-month-season, with championship playoffs at the end. The amount of money involved is mind-boggling, with the buy-in for a team starting at 20 million USD.
Players get fixed salaries and benefits, and there is a system in place to give the best amateur players from competitive ladder a path to pro.
The teams have Blizzard-designed logos and color schemes, including merchandise and even in-game uniforms. The fans will have the opportunity to buy items in-game (using League Tokens), which will then support the team of their choice.

First round starts January 11th; We plan to organize community viewing parties on Discord, so we can enjoy the matches together each week. If you enjoy esports, you should give it a watch (even if you don't play the game, it is exciting). It will be big.

Besides that, our little group is tight and keeps playing almost every night. We have more than a dozen active players (and almost as many who join us occasionally), across all skill levels and playstyles. With the recent improvements to competitive play, interest and play time in this mode has increased as well. Many of us made it to high plat or even diamond this season. But still, we regularly enjoy some quick play; anyone is always welcome to join us for a game, or two, or twenty! The game isn't expensive, and regularly offers free weekends so you can try it out.

Star Citizen
Update from the unrelenting leaders "We still believe" - Voodoo and Vorian

Stepping down as guild leader
As most of you know, Star Citizen has been in development for about 5 years now, and it's shaping up according to all our expectations. I've had the privilege of leading the guild in the sparse events we've organised, it's been great fun, unfortunately my time is due elsewhere now, and I'm therefore stepping down as guildleader. I have the immense pleasure of announcing Vorian as the new leader of the Exterminatus Star Citizen Chapter. I shall remain as officer to assist Vorian in his new endeavors as Guild leader. And without further Adue, here he is to let you know what the deal will be for 2018! Season's greetings to all of you! Voodoo.

Star Citizen in 2017
It was again a slow year for the game. A year where I felt like they were dangling a candy in front of you but just out of reach. In the first quarter we got Alpha 2.6 and for a long time it became silence. Speculations about the failing of the project were high but the development team took action to temper the worries. At Gamescom they showed the future of Star Citizen after the release of their biggest patch so far: Alpha 3.0. Just before Christmas we saw a live release of this patch.

Alpha 3.0
I had the honor to test Alpha 3.0 in the public test universe for the last weeks. The testbuilds where riddled with bugs, poor framerates, crashes and glitches but after multiple patches it became more stable and for the first time I saw how much potential the game has. I can say that this patch is more then just a flying simulator and slowly starting to really be a game.

Flying to a mining facility just above the surface with the sunset in the back (because I was flying away from the sun) was a truly awesome sight (and then voodoo shut down the engines and we plummeted to the surface :d ). Sadly I have to say that the status of the patch is terrible right now, low framerates makes the game almost unplayable and there are still many bugs left. so my advice check it out to see how cool it looks but wait untill a better performance to start the real playing.

Check out this post how you start with this patcher and the game: Installing and playing Alpha 3.0

Star Citizen in 2018
We now have a new patcher which removes the need to update the whole game and only patches the changed files. So from January forward we should see more small patches and hotfixes. The first thing that the development team is going to focus is performance of the current patch. Their vision for the next year is: put it in the game once it is done. So we should see more smaller updates instead of huge updates twice a year. I’m eager to see how the game will look like next year!

Squadron 42 - Star Citizen single player RPG
The end of this year we saw an hour of gameplay for squadron 42 and from now on we'll get a monthy update for this single player RPG.
Check it below.

See you all in the Verse!!!!!!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading, and on behalf of all of the officers, HAPPY NEW YEAR!