We have decided to do a weekly update to let everyone know what has been happening with EXT in ESO!

Training Week

While not too many players took up our offers during Training week, we can still call it a success! We worked on builds and rotations, showed a Trial and also talked about PvP!

EXT is here to help its members! In the future we will plan more training events but for specific topics or areas...

Exterminatus Core Group (PvP)

We had a really good night on Friday - the group played really well together with awesomely timed and well-placed heals, great damage all in the right places and good support all round! Really nice work everyone! One particular highlight for us all was a successful defence of chalman where EXT played an integral role, playing the risky game of clearing out enemy groups from outside and inside the keep and finally earning ourselves a 40k tick!

Check out these videos to see us in action on Friday (featuring music by our very own Vick!)


Welcome to our Newest Members!

EXT is pleased to welcome our newest members:

ijohnD, rfsilent, decmanicus, Killyaxx, vargyl, Bonsailinse, Vaans, reckoning155, deejaybaiinbridge, TehLubar, Fallenrkd, Aphreina!

We hope you'll have a good time with us and feel welcome to join all of our events going forward!