Midyear Mayhem

It's that time of the year again, when cyrodiil is flooded with players, the queues get long and the battles intense! Midyear mayhem gives special rewards and extra ap! We will try to run organised groups as often as we can as well as our usual ECG runs! More info here!

Run with the Werewolf Pack!

Vick has taken on organising EXTs very own werewolf pack in preparation for next patch. You can find out more about that and check out some videos from previous werewolf runs here.

PTS Patch

The PTS went into its 2nd week of testing - most recent patch notes here.

Exterminatus Raid Group (PvE)

ERG once again ventured into Veteran Maw of Lorkhaj, downing all bosses until the last with relative smooth sailing - unfortunately we only managed to kick the last boss in the shins before we had discord trouble affecting our communication! The first EXT vMoL clear is definitely getting close!

Exterminatus Core Group (PvP)

On Friday we had another good night with a larger group than we've had in a while (18 in total I think!). We had some good fights wiping other organised groups but the sheer size of the enemy groups was just too much in the end but as always we took as many of them down with us as we could!