ERG (Trials)

This week ERG had their best attempt yet on the last boss of veteran Maw of Lorkhaj, getting the boss down to 0.7%! Hopes are high that next week it will be cracked! The next run will take place this Tuesday!


If you are interested in joining ERG as they stomp their way to victory the best place to start is by signing up for trials on Monday this week where we will tackle some of the easier trials and hopefully introduce some new members to the content! 

Cyrodiil Updates

We've seen some images of what the map changes are going to look like (below) - some big questions around the positioning of the outposts as it seems to be a distinct disadvantage to us in Ebonheart Pact! Time will tell just how this will be implemented in the end.


We have recently updated some rules for joining ECG. These requirements are not set up to exclude anyone – we actually want to help everyone getting the most out his/her PvP experience.

To join ECG you have to:

1. You have read all the rules and are willing to follow them. 2. Have talked to Sha or Zapa about ECG (pm). 3. You run a group play build and have checked that build with Sha, Zapa or any of the ECG members. You can also post your build on the forums. 4. You have to have TaosGroupTools ulti add on installed. 5. You are carrying potions (Immovable, Invisibility) with you to enhance your survivability. 6. You have our tabard equipped. You only get an invite when all those requirements are met! But if you need help with anything: Just ask – we have a score of members willing to help you to get ready for battle! We also want to encourage all members to go give PvP with EXT a try, if you haven't already. Join us in ECG, open groups or special PvP events!