We've been struggling with numbers a bit recently so last week we ran with a smaller group of 8 or 9. We opted for a much more burst focused playstyle and had lots of fun and many much needed victories for our morale! Check out the video above.

ERG (Trials PvE)

ERG completed Hardmode Aetherian Archive with relative easy, only taking two attempts on the last boss. It's amazing to see the progress since we first tried that back in the beginning of ERG! We have now moved on to Hel Ra Hardmode which has a lot of nice movement mechanics that will take some practice. Can expect a victory there soon!

Murkmire DLC

Now into its third week on the PTS this has been a highly controversial patch so far! The shield nerf has been slightly rolled back with no more cast times but shields are still taking a big hit! Many more changes, some welcome and others to be treated with suspicion - see the most recent patch notes here.