In the last two weeks several guildies have voiced the wish to complete HardModes and no death runs and so forth. To that end we are introducing a new tag on Discord, called 'ESO-Dungeoneer'.

This tag allows guildies to ask for a group for the hardest content in-game.

While we want to include everyone, it is clear that you need to have experience in dungeons to get that tag. You need to know about mechanics of the veteran Dungeons, especially the DLC ones. And obviously you also need to be able to tank, heal and deal damage suitable for that enviroment. Which means good and proven builds and good dps numbers for DDs (25k on a dummy should be enough).

If you are not at that level yet, just ask for help. We have enough guildies experienced enough to help with builds and rotations and skill setups – so you can also view this as a goal to achieve.

So if you are interested, just tell one of the officers!