Today is the last day of the ECG Birthday Rally! It will all be topped off with an ECG event tonight including promotions and prizes!

It's been a really fun two weeks with loads happening in-game, on discord and on the forums!

Most importantly these two weeks have featured loads and loads of PvP and as a group you can see we are constantly improving. Here's a showcase of the last two weeks of ECG PvP!

You can also check out other videos from the last couple of weeks, one from Djinn and the other from Fox, nice work guys!

It's been a really good two years! Let's cap off the celebration with an awesome event tonight and continue strong for the next year!

Want to get in on some good pvp fun with the guild? Check out the forums and sign up for events!

Hey everyone,

we are very proud to announce that we have been successfully running our organised PvP groups for almost two years now. Quite a few things have happened since our first run on 30th March 2016.

Patches have changed the game, enemy groups have changed playstyles so we have had to constantly adapt our own approach – a lot of work.

But mostly it has been a lot of fun!

To celebrate this dedication of guildies and officers we are holding a birthday rally that focuses heavily on PvP aspects of the game starting Monday. There are a lot of fun things to do to earn points but we also use the rally to work on our group play! Check it out here!

There are of course tasty prizes to win: The winner takes home 5000 Crowns!

Everyone is welcome to join!

More info on the forums and on discord.

Two new dungeons to crack! Battlegrounds returning to non-champion point! Housing storage! and Finally customisable armour styles!

All info about the new DLC can be found here!

The ESO guild is also re-organising our Battlegrounds effort, find out more here and check the sign ups page for the first upcoming event!

Be sure to keep an eye on the sign up events for some forrays into the new dungeons as well!

Another year has passed, and Exterminatus is still going strong. While the next big MMO probably will not be launching next year, we have our eyes on several good projects. While waiting, we still have plenty of other stuff to do - like late night unplanned Cards Against Humanity sessions, which are guaranteed to get a bit out of hand. Here's a little update on what other awesomeness we have going on!

Also known as TL:DR - but if you stop here, you will be flogged.

Right now, we have three excellent games that are being played by parts of the community, with a fourth still upcoming. Last newsletter, we had a forward look to the almost-released Destiny 2, which has since been launched and has Genophix cozily settled in as clan leader. ESO is still a major game, releasing new content like Stephen King releases books. Furthermore, we expanded our coordinated approach from PVP into PVE, with much success! MMOs are all well and good, but let's not forget our favourite team shooter Overwatch! A lot has been going on in there with regular content updates, guildies grouping up to play and even bigger news for the next year. Blizzard does know how to keep things interesting. Lastly, we'll have a look at Star Citizen, which still hasn't been released, but is stepping up and slowly becoming the game we all knew it could be.