We have some exciting news for you: We are moving our website – our new home will be GUILDED!
We are already setting this up and the move will happen this week!

“What? That sounds like work for me!? Didn’t we just move, like, two years ago?”
No extra work! We officers will add your Discord account directly and you can use this to log into Guilded. You don't need an extra account!

“Why are we doing this? I have spent hours writing posts on the forums!”

Liar! - Well, maybe in the past you did. But today the truth is, that the classical forum is getting used less and less. There are only occasional posts in the ESO section and a few events – the rest of the community life happens on Discord. Important posts can of course be copied over.

Here are the main features of the new site:
- is linked to Discord
- has a Discord Bot for event postings and simple Sign-ups via Discord. This also keeps us updated on important posts
- has dedicated places to store docs, videos, pictures
- has a cleaner forum
- has desktop- and mobile-apps
- each game has a separate section, but all games are hosted on the same site
- extra features for specific games, like Leaderboard rankings in Overwatch.

We would like to thank Darlon and Jlena for their admin-work on the current site and also want to mention Fox and Steppin, who have prepared the move to Guilded.

There will be a little bit of setting up to do - so you will see some weird activity on Discord (like a new Guilded-BOT appearing) - but do not fear! We will let you know once the site is ready for you all to start exploring.

If you have any questions, feel free to ping any officer.


I am very pleased to report that the Exterminatus Raid Group in ESO completed veteran Cloudrest.

Well done to all present and thanks to Eddie from LND for filling a spot :)

In the last two weeks several guildies have voiced the wish to complete HardModes and no death runs and so forth. To that end we are introducing a new tag on Discord, called 'ESO-Dungeoneer'.

This tag allows guildies to ask for a group for the hardest content in-game.

While we want to include everyone, it is clear that you need to have experience in dungeons to get that tag. You need to know about mechanics of the veteran Dungeons, especially the DLC ones. And obviously you also need to be able to tank, heal and deal damage suitable for that enviroment. Which means good and proven builds and good dps numbers for DDs (25k on a dummy should be enough).

If you are not at that level yet, just ask for help. We have enough guildies experienced enough to help with builds and rotations and skill setups – so you can also view this as a goal to achieve.

So if you are interested, just tell one of the officers!

Sadly Foxbot has retired. It has been a massive boon to our community in the time we have had it, answering all of our questions and helping no end in reminding us about upcoming events and even helping us create new builds!

A massive thank you to our very own Fox who created and managed it all of this time!

Murkmire DLC

The newest DLC went live today featuring a host of changes and a new 4-person PvE Arena. Make sure to find guildies in game or in discord and head off to tackle the new challenges! Full patch notes can be found here.

Witches Festival

The in-game event is running until the 1st of November, including extra drops, a new motif and the chance to work towards getting a whole new mount. Details here.

ERG PvE Trials

ERG continues to work on Harmode Hel Ra, a bit more practice and we should have it! Sign up for the next event here.


ECG has continued to run a small but strong group over the last couple of weeks. Check out our most recent videos below and sign up for the next event here.